Thursday, February 26, 2009

over achiever

I mentioned briefly some time ago that Mia was potty training herself. I have since thought of cute little related anecdotes and then failed to post them. Who really wants to hear about potty training anyway? A few weeks ago I would have just said that Mia did indeed potty train herself at 21 months and did a bang up job of it. She went from refusing to wear diapers to consistently peeing on the potty within a couple of days. She is a champ at public restrooms and doesn't seem to have any hang-ups. Amazing. Pooping on the potty took another week to get down and that was it for a few weeks. No accidents at nap time and sometimes she is dry all night (but in a diaper). I had to search for small enough underwear for her and a lot of her pants fall down without a diaper.

Then, since last weekend she has been having some random pee accidents. I knew it was too good to be true (trust me, I KNOW how lucky we are) but it's still far from bad. It is odd though to be going through the whole process with a chid who can't yet formulate a sentence. Still, my little girl is strong-willed and determined and a champion of mastering her bodily functions. This I know for sure.

In the first day or two she would sit on the toilet for up to 20 minutes just singing and talking. Here, Henry kept her company with her favorite Old MacDonald song.
Not to worry, she was fully clothed on the chair. She climbed up there herself with the potty on the first day we brought it up from the basement.

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Blogger Lynanne said...

Heh! She knows how to make a potty comfortable! :) The photo of the two of them together is so sweet!

My kids went through setbacks after learning to use the potty too. When you are busy playing, who wants to take a break?

2/27/2009 6:10 PM  

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