Friday, November 07, 2008

just for good measure

Henry has a great vocabulary and I am constantly impressed with his ability to infer meanings of words in context. The issue I have noticed with him and many of his peers is figuring out past tense. It is complicated and to be expected that it will take time. However, I can't help but correct him. I don't push and if he gets pissed (I just like to say tooken!) I just make a joke of it. I have mentioned that some things aren't words but he can say them however he wants. Soooo, tonight as he was trying to fall asleep he was rambling about sentences with "it" and "was" in them and asked if one was a word. He was pretty tired and delirious and started mumbling to himself, "leaf is a word. eat is a word. chuck roast is a word." Try as I might I couldn't help but prolong the bedtime routine with my laughter.