Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Words that I actually prefer Mia continue to mispronounce/misremember:

Teeter tots (Tater tots. God forbid she ever eat them but it's adorable.)
Hankey Doodle Dandy

I also enjoyed catching her singing, "you've got mud on your face, you're a big disgrace" to herself this morning. She completely denied it of course. What I don't enjoy in that department lately is Henry constantly singing or humming Miley Syrus (how do you spell that and don't get me started on how he was exposed to one insidious song. Hint, not on my watch.) or the Indiana Jones theme song. Surprisingly, I think the Indiana Jones is actually more annoying.

In other more anxiety-inducing news, both of my kids start school next week at different schools and with different schedules. I can't believe I'm sending my baby to school for the first time. Sigh. I also don't have any childcare and two huge projects to finish. After having so much time off this summer I am actually juggling it all pretty well and feeling mostly up to the task, which is such a welcome change.

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