Saturday, June 12, 2010

now 9

Right now I feel a little bit insane. Some of this has to do with extreme lack of sleep but moreover I had a really weird night the likes of which smacks of a vague familiarity from my early 20s. Somehow, and I seriously mean somehow, I stayed out until after 3am last night. After practically no sleep and a fair amount of anxiety, I wrote the following to my friend. I'm not sure if my in-laws being here to help with the kids this morning makes things better or worse. Ug.

Hey there,
I hope you slept better than I did! Does something about last night seem exceptionally weird to you? Yes, we get swept up talking but I swear I looked at my phone when I went to the bathroom and it said 10:15 and I figured we would be wrapping things up pretty soon. How in the world does one drink last for almost 5 more hours? Even if I read my phone wrong, even wildly wrong, there were no messages and Jason's million messages started at 1 so it had to have been at least 2 more hours. Not to mention that I was absolutely freezing but just keep thinking we would go in shortly but didn't move. It just doesn't seem fathomable that we talked for 7 hours. In any case, all I can come up with is that either rhubarb vodka is a time-altering drug or your back yard is some sort of timeless vortex. Aside from feeling really freaked out about the time I think I felt pretty normal otherwise. Give me a call if you feel like it and have a good day. I'm still waiting for all of the promised sun. A



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