Wednesday, April 05, 2006

my new best friend

Most years I like daylight savings time just fine. I love the summer months and having it lighter in the evenings is great. This year however, the clock changing is having a truly meaningful affect on my life. Henry, who has been waking up between 6 and 6:20am for countless months, has woken up at 7:20 or later for the last four mornings. I am not a morning person and the extra hour is making a huge difference in my mornings. I won’t be surprised if he works back to 7am but that’s just fine with me. He’s going to bed at the usual time so I am hoping that this isn’t just a fluke or adjustment period. God, how I hope not. Fingers crossed.


Blogger Bridgermama said...

Here ya clucking big chicken!

4/06/2006 9:28 AM  
Blogger honey said...

hi again! So, I just tagged you (thank HeatherJ)...

4/13/2006 9:07 PM  

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