Friday, April 28, 2006

kiss your what!?

I can’t end a beautiful day like today without something more upbeat than bitching about my insecurities at the playground! So, Henry learned how to give kisses yesterday. For many months he has slightly pursed his little lips and leaned in to receive kisses upon request. Now, he is gleefully giving big, smacking mmmmmwwaaaaa kisses. This comes as no surprise since he loves to make all manner of funny noises with his mouth. The surprising part was when he walked up behind me a planted a big kiss on the back of my thigh, which is right at his face height of course. Since then, he has taken many opportunities to kiss my hands, arms, knees, cheek and belly, each time grinning and giggling. Even though Jason and I haven’t modeled this type of all over kissing* (no, really, I swear!) he can’t get enough of it and this afternoon he walked up behind me a gave me a big kiss on the butt. We’ll have to work on that in the coming days but for now all I can do is laugh.

*I take that back. Actually, I do kiss Henry’s sweet little baby skin all over.



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